I had 12 attachments placed on my teeth. The day I got the attachments it was almost impossible to remove the aligner. Outie tool is a life saver.


This is so superior to the tool the dentist gave me that it isn't even funny. Use this - not that - it is just that simple.

easily and safely
removes clear aligners

Just wanted to take the time to thank you again for meeting me in person to introduce me to "Outies". I was ready to give up on my Invisalign braces because I couldn't get them off without an amazing amount of effort. My dentist recommended a crochet hook, but it only worked for removing the top aligners. The way that the Outies are designed provides a special design for removing the top aligners and a different design for removing the bottom. I am ecstatic at how easy it is now to remove "both" the top and bottom aligners. You came up with an amazing design!! Please know how truly appreciative I am, and at the same time so so thankful. I have a dentist appointment on November 27th and my dentist has asked me to bring in the Outies for her to see. My goal is for my dentist to include Outies in each case of Invisalign liners. I will provide her with your name, phone #, and email address. Thank you again, and all the best!



I love this thing! I received my first set of Invisalign® trays three weeks ago, and had a great deal of difficulty removing them. This great little tool pops them right out. The Outie is very affordable, and Nadine's staff is great... I ordered on Tuesday, received a response communication right way, and received my delivery Thursday. Can't beat that!




I hope all is well with you and wanted to send a quick thank you for your excellent service & customer care!

I just got my Invisalign® on today, and even the orthodontist was having a very difficult time getting them off once on. I had visions of starvation and deprivation all the way home.. until I hit my mailbox and saw my Outies delivered after just ordering on Monday (when I googled your tool and found out about it!). Despite my total lack of experience, with your tool I had them out in under a minute.. and offer much heart-felt appreciation (and much promised word-of-mouth) for you product and super-quick delivery.

All the best to you, and many thanks,

--Cathy Wood (A very satisfied & grateful customer!)


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your customer service and fast shipping. I received my Outie tools VERY quickly. Thank you for a good product, and mostly, (rare these days!) excellent customer service.

Thank you 



makes it easy to wear
invisible braces!

I just started Invisalign® and the retainers are extremely difficult to remove. I'm recovering from injuries in both hands and this adds to the difficulty. I love Outie Tool as I'm now able to remove the retainers easily. I recommend this product enthusiastically to anyone using Invisalign®! Nadine, the owner, is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.




I ordered my Outie tool on the second day I was wearing my new Invisalign® aligners, and I am so very glad I did. I have big hands and I do not have long fingernails, so removing my aligners by hand was very difficult for me (and I was surprised to learn just how many times I needed to remove them each day!). And I discovered that there was just no way to remove them without getting drool all over myself ! Ughh.



My Outie tool is SO easy to use. In just a couple of seconds, I dislodge my aligners high enough to be able to grab them and pull them out. It couldn't possibly be easier than this!


Thank you very much.


I just wish that the Invisalign® folks would ship their new patient packages with an Outie tool in the box. That would help so many people, for sure.

--billy garrison


I got my set of outies about a week ago and they are great. Before I got them it took me a long time to get the braces out and I always felt I'm going to break them. I didn't break the braces but broke some of my nails. I felt like throwing up pushing so many fingers to my mouth. The outie eliminated this, now I can remove the braces fast. I bought the package of 3, one was broken. I called the customer support and they have shipped a new set free of charge. Amazing customer service!



I just got my outie a few days ago for the first time. The first few days with Invisalign®, it was so hard to get them off; I asked my dentist but he didn't know anything besides the fingernails. I searched the web and found Outie, it has helped a lot!!! I will definitely let my dentist know about it, so he can recommend it to other patients!!



no more fearful moments
struggling to remove aligners

I recommend the “OUTIE” after wearing Invisalign® braces for 2 months (age 62). Invisalign® forum boards help and several recommended the Outie so I took a chance and ordered a few. I like the fact that it’s safe, easy to use and I don’t have broken fingernails anymore trying to remove the trays. You are a genius! I appreciate this tool and thank you very much for this much needed invention. I’m giving one to my dentist on my next visit.

--Marilyn Baeppler


"I just received my "outies" in the mail and just had to write and tell you how great they are!!! I had my acrylic nails taken off last week and could not get my aligners out of my mouth without a struggle, until I went on the internet and found your tool. I wonder why more orthodontists don't let their patients know about this great item?"

Thanks again,
--Gale Smith


"I started using Invisalign® two weeks ago and had a lot of difficulty removing the aligners even though I did not have attachments. I was told by my orthodontist to pry the aligners out with my fingers, but this was causing my fingernails to become bruised and painful. I searched the Internet to see if I could find removal tips from other Invisalign® users and I found out about the Outie tool. It immediately solved my sore fingernail problem and made it so easy to remove the aligners. I no longer have to stick my fingers into my mouth either. I’m so happy that I found the Outie tool!"


Thanks again,--Lisa Wolfinger


I just got my outie a few days ago for the first time. The first few days with Invisalign®, it was so hard to get them off; I asked my dentist but he didn't know anything besides the fingernails. I searched the web and found Outie, it has helped a lot!!! I will definitely let my dentist know about it, so he can recommend it to other patients!!



Thank you, for your quick response in shipping me the outie to help me remove my new Invisalign® braces. The outie is just right, and I couldn't believe the ease of removing the tight Invisalign® with your tool. I am no longer frustrated since I can remove them within seconds, no more crochet hook for me! Thanks Again for a great product which I'm going to show to my orthodontist so that she can order some to give to her Invisalign® patients.


--Darlene Shafer 


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